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Interior designer – unnecessary expense or added value?

Among other things, the job of an interior designer is to increase the value of a property. A well-designed space, pleasing to an eye, is always worth more on the market.


Text: Ana Perišin Stipoljev, Koras d.o.o.


Successful interior design almost never happens by accident. Great spaces are planned, designed and equipped by professionals. I often hear, “Well, I don’t need a designer, I have everything on Pinterest and Instagram,” or, “I know how to dress nicely, so I’ll decorate the interior because I have style.” and then we often get crowded and dysfunctional living spaces. Interior design is not just choosing the color of the walls, decorative pillows and adding a trendy vase with pampas grass. Interior design is a complex process of designing a space according to the client’s wishes within his budget. A well-designed space is beautiful, comfortable to live in and above all functional.


There are several reasons to hire an interior designer. First of all, an interior designer will save you money. Clients often feel uncomfortable if their available budget is small, but there is no need for it. Designers always work within an agreed budget. Whether the budget is small or large, the space design process is equal. Yes, it’s easier to work with more money, but the challenge is to do something good with a smaller budget. While the service of a designer still costs something, hiring a designer helps you avoid costly mistakes, but make design decisions that will increase the value of your property.


In addition to money, the designer will save you time and nerves. Even if you are both creative and imaginative and you can easily visualize the space, visiting stores, looking for the best deals, coordinating craftsmen and drawing furniture takes a lot of time. An expert with experience and a whole team of associates can be of great use to you. The designer already has a developed sense and experience of what needs to be done and when to do it, and can anticipate any obstacles that may arise.


Also, the job of an interior designer is to increase the value of the property. A well-designed space, pleasing to the eye, is always worth more on the market. Whether it is a property for sale or for rent, a beautiful interior raises its value and sells better. When you search for tourist property rentals, some properties are filled for most of the year, while others are not, although at the same location. Often the reason is the lack of a “wow effect” required for commercial real estate. The job of an interior designer is to create a “wow effect” of the interior. Interior designers are educated for creative and spatial thinking and can easily see the overall picture of the interior space, which clients often cannot. I often lay numbers to clients – statistics, because good design is measurable by numbers. If a villa in an average location with my design has been rented for 26 weeks, and another in an even better location not even 15, I think I did a good job.


I love simple, refined interiors with an emphasis on details and textures that are devoid of transient trends. I am a lover of art and it is always incorporated into the spaces I edit. Every new interior I do is a challenge and a new excitement. Each space is unique and should be approached individually and with special care, but the goal always remains the same – a comfortable, functional and attractive space.

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