Biliškov Nekretnine


Text: Biliskov real estate team

In today’s time of health crisis, all service industries are facing a number of problems and challenges. How to save business? How to continue to work at the market while reducing health risks for employees and customers? Business has changed and adapted to new conditions almost on a daily basis, so today it looks significantly different than it did a few months ago.

Today, our agents do much of the work over the phone and online, whatever the technology and nature of the job allows. Instead of touring a number of properties on site, real estate inspections are now done with the buyer via video calls. In addition, ordinary photos are “out”, and virtual tours have become necessary.

Ultimately, no one will buy a property through a video call or a virtual walk, but a quality selection is certainly made before the on-site tour is arranged. In this way, we greatly reduce potentially risky contacts.

On site tours are also tailored to the situation, and a larger number of people together are avoided. We ask the sellers to be met by one person in the apartment, but also the buyers not to take the whole family on a tour. Of course agents and clients wear masks, gloves and shoe protection, and hands are disinfected before and after the tour.

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