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Text: Dubravka Ostarcevic

I’m Dubravka Ostarcevic. I was born and live in Karlovac. I travel daily to work in Zagreb and I do not mind because I love what I do. I’m a licensed real estate agent since 2008. I have been working as a real estate agent for many years, and for more than four years I have been a member of the Biliskov Real Estate team in Zagreb.

I started working as real estate agent in Karlovac long time ago, at a time when the market was completely different than today. I love this job because it allows you freedom and creativity. You create the day yourself, and at the end of the day you can almost tangibly judge how successful it was.

For clients, buyers and sellers, I would recommend hiring Biliskov real estate agency primarily for knowledge and experience. When buying or selling a property, it is a big deal of money and it is important that you are in the safe hands of an agent who knows how to get you to the finish line.


Most of buyers prioritize a quiet and urban part of town, close to kindergarten and school, tram or bus, and possibility to reach city centre relatively quickly. The neighbourhood I would set aside for quality family life in the city is Jarun.

What makes it attractive is all of the above. The city centre can be reached within 20 minutes, it is full of green areas and children’s playgrounds, and the proximity of the city park Lake Jarun and sports centre and is certainly an added bonus. The neighbourhood is more than ideal for family life as it provides just about every member with exactly what he or she needs, including pets.

Jarun is the newer Zagreb neighbourhood located in the southwestern part of the city. The smaller apartment buildings and single-family houses in this area were built in the second half of the 1980s, when Zagreb was elected as the host of the 1987 Universiade sports games. Family houses offer a comfortable life for the family and safe growing up for children, which is a priority to all parents. Prices for single-family homes range from 1.000 €/m2 to 1.900 €/m2, depending on the location and layout.

Family house of 320 m2, on a plot of 205 m2, built in 1989. It consists of ground floor, first floor and attic. The last renovation was in 2001. On the ground floor there is a four bedroom apartment. Upstairs is a comfortable three bedroom apartment with a terrace and an attic. There are 3 parking spaces in the yard. The house also has a small garden with barbecue.

Asking price: 199.000 €

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